Wednesday, April 16, 2014


When Better Homes & Gardens gave us our assignment for the final round of the Makeover Madness competition, I was excited and SUPER nervous all at the same time. Excited because this dresser is totally my style. It's something I would buy in a heartbeat because it's simple, the lines are clean, and the possibilities of what you can do with it are endless. But nervous because I knew that to compete with the other three talented ladies, it would have to be something outside the box, and a little more epic than a simple dresser (I think there are two of these in my future painted white with simple brass knobs). Then it hit me: bar cart!

Bar carts have been making a comeback in a major way, and I'm not immune to their awesomeness--it probably also had something to do with my recent Mad Men binge. I've been wanting one at my house for a while, so I thought of my project in terms of something I would use in my own house, which meant, of course, it also had to fit my style. The problem with the bar cart at my house, is that I need pieces that do double or even triple duty due to limited space, and a dresser, which provides tons of extra storage, seemed ideal for a bar cart. I can totally picture this in a corner of my living room, providing the perfect place for serving at parties, but also, two extra drawers for all of those table linens, glassware, and dishes that we only use for special occasions and never seem to have a permanent home.

So, here's how I turned an expensive dresser into a high-end looking bar:

Monday, April 14, 2014


Before we get to today's post, I just want to take a minute to send you all big, fat virtual hugs! You guys, the outpouring of love and support (and voting) for my Better Homes & Gardens project was truly AMAZING! I told someone that I've never been less disappointed to "lose" a contest because what I gained out of the experience was more than I ever could have dreamed, and number one on that list is great friends, in the people I competed with, the people at BHG, and especially with and all of you.  So, seriously, THANK YOU, from the very bottom of my heart!! To to all of you who are new here WELCOME and THANK YOU!!!

So, now onto today's project. I know I've posted my kitchen, Adelie's bedroom, and my laundry room in the last couple of months, with a few tutorials, but there's still a lot more to post, so we'll continue to jump around between rooms for the next little while. It's really a good representation of how my brain works most days--complete chaos going on in this head of mine people. Today, we're back to Adelie's room with one of my favorite pieces: the painted vintage trunk!

I should start off with the disclaimer that painting a vintage trunk like this would normally go against everything I believe, but this thing was Gross with a capital "G." There's rust and patina that's beautiful, and then there's rust and patina that's like a tetanus shot waiting to happen. This trunk fell into the second category.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Well friends, the day is finally here! Voting is LIVE over at Better Homes & Gardens! The other ladies and I will be sharing our full tutorials next week. You can see the full reveal of my Ikea dresser turned fabulous bar over at BHG.  And obviously, if you could do me a favor and vote, that would be totally AWESOME!!

Click here to vote!

(Photo Credit: Karla Conrad @ Better Homes & Gardens)
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