Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Aged Book Page Bunting

My Santa table in my entry way (my house basically gets decorated in themed groupings at Christmas, anyone else do this?) needed some sort of reindeer garland in the mix.  And it just so happened that a while back on Pinterest, I had come across this little lovely full of amazing things, among which, was a tutorial on how to age your own paper which I knew would give it that extra perfect little touch.

So off to work I went.

To age the paper you will need:
*book pages
*brewed coffee (if you're not a coffee drinker you can come borrow some of mine, I'm sort of an addict)
*pie plate or cookie sheet for soaking paper
*cookie sheet for drying paper
*oven at 200 degrees

I just followed the directions from Ruche, which I'll repeat here for easy access.

Pour your brewed coffee into a pie plate or cookie sheet (I used a cookie sheet but found there was no reason to dirty a dish that large).  Soak the paper in the coffee--this doesn't take long, just push the paper down into the coffee on both sides until it's completely soaked.

Transfer the soaked paper to the dry cookie sheet and put in the oven at 200 degrees until the paper is dry (about 10 minutes).

Pull paper off of the cookie sheet (the Rushe instructions say that you'll have to carefully peel it, but mine didn't stick at all) and you're DONE.  You have beautifully aged paper.

I just cut the reindeer on my Cricut using the Winter Woodland cartridge, but if you don't have an electronic cutter, you can print the reindeer and cut them out on paper.  (If you just Google "Reindeer Silhouette", you'll find lots of cute ones you can use.)

Glitter your reindeer (if so desired) and just glue them onto the pages.  My original plan was to glitter all, or at least half, of the reindeer, but due to inability to locate the appropriate glue, and laziness, I stuck with just glittering one, so I guess Rudolph gets all the glory yet again--and he's not leading the pack here because, well, he just looks better in the middle and it's all about aesthetics.

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  1. I really like your reindeer bunting. They look so elegant on top of the aged book pages.


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