Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Sharing Some Awesomeness!

Did I ever mention that I LOVE Brian Wilson--and the Giants in general?  This video just made my day!  Hilarious!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Victim of the 90's to White Beauty

I got my great grandma's buffet, I'll call her Green Glory, when my mom passed away.  It's a piece of furniture that meant a lot to my mom, and subsequently means a lot to me, so it had just been sitting in my house, untouched, for about 4 years because I was afraid to commit to a color lest I change my fickle mind, which never happens.  Not that it's a valuable antique or anything {the top is veneer}, but it has a lot of sentimental value.  My parents had painted it once before--an oh-so-fab Hunter Green--a true 90's classic, and I figured it could probably only handle one more paint job {the veneer was starting to come off on the top in some places} before it couldn't take any more.  So after much internal turmoil and debate, I decided to just go with white, which should fit in with almost any new color whim I get in the future.  Plus, I don't know if it's spring or what, but I'm just sort of obsessed with light, airy colors these days, instead of the bold dark stuff.  {Like, I look at my house and think I just want to maybe paint the whole thing white.  Then I remember that I HATE painting and that would just be a ridiculously large job, so I'll deal.  Oh, and my husband might have a heart attack if I tell him I want to paint again.}

Anyway, onto the star of the show.  These are sadly the only before pictures I could find.  I've blurred out the face of our friends little girl since this is a public blog, and I don't know if they want pics of her public.  I am slowly getting better at remembering the before pics--promise.

I didn't sand, and honestly, I painted the top out of pure laziness of not wanting to take the time to sand enough to stain it {I learned about gel stains after this project--ain't that always how it goes}, but I'm over the moon with the end result and glad I just decided to go all white.  
I primed with Valspar spray paint primer and then just used 3 cans of Valspar white spray paint.  I used a craft glaze like I mentioned here, but this time I used the Delta brand and liked it A LOT better.  It's thicker, and you just mix the base with paint--no water needed--so the measuring was easier.  When my dad saw it he actually asked if he could have it back--SUCCESS!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Operation Organization

Of my craft room/office
Yes I work in this space, usually in one little square that I can manage to clear the crap off of.  See all the cans and jars?  Try as I may.....

And daughter's playroom--this one's getting totally girlified too.
And yes she plays in this space and I'm starting to think she prefers it this way.  I've stopped even trying to clean it, because she just dumps everything right back out, but we're going to try to solve that this weekend.

Results to come, we'll see how this goes.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Displaying Precious Art

There's been a lot of this going on at my house lately:

 And I firmly believe that precious art like this should be proudly displayed.  

{Enter Minor Problem}
I have this weird quirk.  See, when I drive by my house at night, I like to look in the windows and see what it looks like to other people who drive by, is this weird?  I feel like I can't possibly be the only person who does this.  And yes, I'm looking in your windows when I drive by too.  Not in a creepy, peeping Tom sort of way, but in a how do they decorate? sort of way.  Anyway, this becomes a problem because there is a direct view of my kitchen and fridge when you drive behind my house. And aside from that, I've never really been a magnets/papers all over the fridge type of person.  Despite my weirdness, Little Sunshine's art has been hanging on my fridge anyway because I love it THAT MUCH.  Of course, the "mess" on the fridge was still bugging me a little though.  

{Enter  My Decor-Friendly Solution}

This was SO easy and fast to make.  A while back I had seen just a 2x4 with some clips attached for hanging art, and I filed the idea in the back of my mind for when Little Sunshine entered the "art" stage, which has now happened.

So here's how the original idea evolved it all came together:

$2.00 thrift (of course) frame with a coat of white spray paint.

Stretched a piece of fabric over the cardboard that came with the frame and just hot glued it to the back side.  This fabric happened to be left over from this project.

Then for painting on the fabric:
I LOVE freezer paper for stenciling on fabric.  I think it's by far the easiest way to do it, because it sticks to fabric when you iron it, so it's basically pre-backed with adhesive.  You can get it at the grocery store {can't remember which aisle, just that it was in a weird place}.
Just cut out your design-- I did mine with my Cricut {Summer in Paris cartridge}, but you could draw and cut your own.  Then just iron it on and make sure you get all those little ends ironed down.

Then just paint.  The only pink paint I had on hand was a gallon of $5.00 mis-tint {mis-tints are my FAV}semi-gloss paint and it worked PERFECTLY.

When the paint is dry, you just peel the paper off.

Then I put chicken wire over it to give me something to hold the hooks.  Let me say LOUD & PROUD, this chicken wire was one of my construction site dumpster diving treasures--it's actually the wire they put on a house before they stucco and, much to my husband's dismay, I have a GIANT roll!  But let me just give a warning: THIS STUFF IS SHARP SO BE CAREFUL.  I just held it against the board and cut it to size with regular old wire cutters.

Put it all in the frame, add a few clips {I originally used the little hanging scrapbook organizer clips but changed my mind} and you're ready to go.

And after all of that heartburn over the fridge, I like it so much on the buffet, I think I might actually leave it--we shall see.  If I end up hanging it on the fridge, I'll just put some magnetic strip on the back and smack it on there.  I do know that regardless of where this one goes, a few frames will be going on the fridge to beautify my clutter.

On a TOTALLY unrelated note, I'd like to give a very public YOU SUCK to Utah weather.  Yesterday: 70 degrees, nice zoo day with the fam.  This morning: 65 and a little windy.  As I type this 12 hours later: 2. Freaking. Inches. Of. Snow!! {And still coming down HARD}  NOT. COOL.

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