Sunday, May 29, 2011

You Are My Cup of Tea

I'm back.  After a wedding {sister's}, mother's day, and just some flat out laziness, here I am--back with a small little project.

So there is this wall in my kitchen.  And being the overly-ambitious {husband sometimes calls it unrealistic} person that I can sometimes be, I had planned on switching things out on this wall for the different holidays/seasons.  Ha!  What a funny idea that was.  Who was I kidding, seriously?  Let's just say, the wall has been empty since Halloween, so after a little reality check with myself, I decided the wall just needed something permanent.  Enter this little project.

If there are two things that I love being surrounded by in my house, it's pictures, pictures, and more pictures, and inspirational/favorite quotes {or in this case lyrics}.

The inspiration came from this little beauty that I found on Pinterest and when I saw it, it sang to me--literally. It was such a DUH, why didn't I think of this before moment when I saw it.  It's from one of my all-time favorite movies {The King & I}, it has sentimental value {I grew up watching/singing this movie with my mom}, and it's the perfect saying for a kitchen {I think anyway.}

Since I like the "cottagy" feel though {and I'm not a Photoshop pro},  I decided to paint mine onto linen.
So here's how I did it.

Cut your saying out on freezer paper.  I used my Cricut {Lyrical Letters cartridge}.  You could print it on the computer, trace onto freezer paper, and cut by hand if you don't have a personal cutter.  Make sure when you cut onto the freezer, you're doing it shiny side down, since that's the side you'll be ironing onto your fabric.

Stretch the fabric over the backing from the picture frame you'll be using and tape or glue it in place.

Iron the freezer paper onto your fabric {make sure you remember the middles of the o's, e's a's, etc.} and iron it down GOOD!
With a sponge brush and your favorite color paint, just start dabbing on your paint.  I used a really thin coat, letting the fabric show through in some places to give it a more worn look. {It doesn't have to be craft paint--I used regular old house paint.}

To cut my fabric for the tea cup, I just cut out the shape on freezer paper, again on my Cricut, ironed the cup onto the fabric and cut out the teacup.  You could use iron-on backing on the back side of the teacup to adhere it to the saying, but since the glass from the frame was going to be pressing it down, I skipped that step.

 And here you have the finished product.  Easy-peesy!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The One & Only Ralph Lauren

Did anyone else see him on Oprah yesterday? And was anyone else dying over his house {and that he's still incredibly good looking at 71}?!!!  Dumb question.  It's Ralph Lauren, so I'm sure I'm not alone.  I am OBSESSED with his tepees--of course I can't pull the pics off of Oprah's website, so you'll have to go here to see them.  I have never, and I mean NEVER been a fan of southwest decor, but count on Ralph Lauren to make is SING!  The vintage pieces and floral prints, mixed in with the Native American pieces was PURE GENIUS.  The whole thing made me want to pack up and move to a barn in the mountains!  

Sidenote: Yes, I totally watch Oprah and I'm TOTALLY embarrassed about it.  She actually DRIVES ME CRAZY!!  But I like a lot of the guests--when she actually lets them talk.  She's like the worst listener EVER!  And please tell me that I'm not the only one that thinks that she is not as profound as she thinks she is.  If I have to hear "ah-ha moment" one more time...
Wow, now that that's out of my system.

Awesome project I just finished to come later today.  Promise.
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