Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Newest Love

Is anyone else totally OBSESSED with this line from Restoration Hardware?

I am SO in love with it!  In my book, the older things look, the more appealing.  I've always loved the old worn metal sort of look, so when this catalog came, I was in AWE.  It also just happens that right after this catalog came out, I happened to stumble across one of the new loves of my life {I might even love it more than my dog--husband and child are still #1}. 

This is probably, no not even probably, IS my FAVORITE thrift find to date!  I die over old trunks every time I see one, but even at the thrift stores, they seem to be expensive--the last one I saw was $100, which is about $85 too rich for my blood {the up and down-side to thrifting is that I have become beyond cheap--like, I now refuse to spend more than $15.00 on anything--furniture, clothing, household items, etc.}.  So one day, my sister and I are wandering around the local thrift store, and literally, like a scene out of a movie, I turned a corner and saw this!

 I was careful about getting my hopes up about it being mine, knowing that I probably wasn't going to bring myself to spend whatever ridiculous amount of money they were asking for it.  We searched and searched for the price tag, couldn't find it, and then, there it was $5.00!!!  Yes, I said $5.00!  I almost cried. {Ok, not really, but I was super psyched!}  My sister actually looked me in the eye and told me she hated me--my own sister!  To which I responded that this was payback for the chandelier she spotted first months ago and I'm still slightly jealous of.

And it gets even better, because when I got home I opened it up {I was so excited in the store I forgot to even open it} and this is what I found! I was hoping this would be like one of those TV moments where I open the box and find $100 bills or priceless art, but you can only have so much luck in one day.

It's Navy inside {one of my current color obsessions}!  So cute I can't even stand it!  Basically this trunk and I were meant to be.

I lugged that thing up a ladder {by myself, safety first} and perched it right up on those ledges that have been driving me nuts for the last three years.  I now have inspiration and new ideas to finally get something up there.  More to come on that, but for now I'm just going to go sit and stare at my beautiful little trunk for a while!

Monday, August 15, 2011

End/Coffee Table

I have rededicated myself to keeping this blog updated with more than just items in my shop--for real this time!  But in the mean time, here's another new addition up for sale.  Can I just say that this once completely anti-gold girl is now pretty much OBSESSED with gold and old brass--when done right of course.  I'm pretty much in love with this gold/turquoise combo.

Go check it out in the SHOP and if you know anyone in Utah that would be interested, go ahead and just send them on down my way!

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