Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small Business Saturday Sale

All of my pieces and services will be on sale on Small Business Saturday--Saturday, November 26th. So head over to the shop to check out the deals. And please support a small business in your area on Small Business Saturday!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Where are you?  I don't know if I even remember what you look like?  Apparently you and I have parted ways recently because I had about a million things to do this weekend.  Literally.  A million. And do you know how many I did?  Laundry.  That's it. That's one thing if you can't count--okay, like 13 if you count the loads (laundry-motivation and I have never actually met) and it doesn't really count because I'm supposed to do that regularly anyway--supposed to.  Oh wait! Wait! It's one and a half things, if you count getting the Christmas tree up--half way.  I think maybe the Christmas tree--all 6 ft of it--was what did us in.  Who wants to actually string lights?  That's why I bought the fake one!  And when I had to restring it, you left me.  Or was it my favorite little two year old going through the ornaments like a tornado that made you bolt?  I feel like maybe that's when you made your final exit.

Whatever it was, I'm apparently I'm a little depressed about our break up because do you know what I ate this weekend (while I was sitting on the couch thinking about all of the things I would do if you were here)?  You probably don't want to, because it's scary really.  Let's just say I've been to a Subway, McDonald's, Panda Express and Costco food court (brought to me, I didn't actually go there), washed down by several 44oz beverages.  Disgusting really.

You've left me with Christmas decorations still in storage, backs not packed for the Thanksgiving trip, activities for the toddler on the trip yet to be put together, family picture attire yet to be selected....  Seriously motivation, what the....?

Hopefully Thanksgiving relaxation will allow you the space you need and bring us back together because, well, it's the holidays now and I really, really need you!  

Ok, maybe that helped a bit.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Minty Goodness

The to-do list is on hold temporarily because I've been working on this big to-do:

 and I have to say this is probably hands-down one of my favorite pieces I've done (do I say that about everything?)  It's for sale over at THE SHOP, so head over if you're interested or want more pictures.

Let me take this opportunity to say something about Mint.  It's my new FAVORITE neutral.  I know mint isn't normally thought of as a neutral, but I recently painted my kitchen a lighter version of the desk color and it goes with just about everything!  Even my orange at Halloween!  Look it up on Pinterest if you don't believe me.

Christmas and road-trip tasks will resume (or commence since I really haven't started them) tomorrow!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinspired Gallery Wall: Complete

I love setting goals!  There's something about putting it down on paper (or blog in this case) that just puts your butt to the fire (did I just make that up?) and makes you want to get it done.  So here's the Pinspired gallery wall in all of it's glory:

(A large gold letter will be going in the hole above the thermostat, just haven't gotten around to the purchase of that one yet.)

I finally decided to part with the turquoise and I'm SO glad I did.  My mom used to have a saying, "Just because something is your size, doesn't mean you should wear it."  Well, I think this applies to color as well: Just because you love a color, doesn't mean you should use it. I love turquoise, but it obviously wasn't working with the dark brown (which isn't as dark as it shows up in pictures--it's a little more milk chocolatey).  The jury is still out on whether the brown is staying or going, but the arrangement and colors going on now are much more in line with the style of the rest of the house, and will work with whatever color I decide to paint, should I decide to paint.

And I have two new best friends out of this project:

Valspar Metallic Spray Paint in Gold
All of gold frames on the wall, with the exception of the large one in the middle, were spray painted with this, and it's the perfect shade of gold.
And I must add here, I don't know when this gold bug bit me, but I have always HATED gold and now I can't get enough!

and to achieve the more antiqued gold look:

Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze in Black Coffee 
(with Martha and Coffee in the name, how could you go wrong, right?)

I can't say enough about how much I LOVE this stuff.  I tried my regular old dark brown glaze on the frames, but it just looked too matte--like glaze on gold basically--I don't know how else to describe it.  So I tried this and it blended amazingly and has the perfect amount of sparkle.  In fact, it's so subtle, I think you could probably use it on furniture too, but I haven't tried.

So here's the difference the glaze makes:

And this frame started out silver and gold, which I wanted to keep so I could tie in some silver frames and tone down the overall gold-factor a little.  But the color was GROSS.  So before I went all out and painted, I decided I might as well try the glaze first and it did the trick.  It toned down the orangey-ness in the gold and tied it in with everything else.

You can find my glazing method here.  Although I have to admit, I've since sucked it up and just bought the Valspar glaze at Lowe's for furniture projects and it's worth the price if you use it a lot (which I do).

As for the layout of the wall, the last time I did it, I laid it all out on the floor, made the template to hang on the wall, I'm sure you know the drill.  This time, since there were already some holes in the wall (and some is an understatement), I just hung the big frame in the middle on an existing nail and then sort of worked around it holding things up and seeing where I liked them.  Want to see my trick for when the husband isn't home to be your picture holder (or just isn't feeling particularly into being your picture holder)?

Camera timer baby!  Works like a charm.

So here's one more look (and a picture of the full board and batten treatment as requested).

(Blue is gone!  More on that later.)

So next on the project to do list:
Road trip games for the babe for our 9 hour Thanksgiving road trip and getting some of these Christmas decorations done:

This for sure

Some sort of advent wreath (for those who don't know what this is, I'll explain when it's done)

And maybe one or two of these.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinned Project (or two) a Week

I hope your Halloween was great, ours was wonderful, but I'm GLAD it's over!  Is it just me, or was anyone else completely over it by the time Monday finally got here?  Between doing the costume thing at story time, trick-or-treating at the zoo, and Halloween parties I almost couldn't bring myself to put the costume on her one. more. time.  (And we lost the "sparkle headband," which she finally actually wanted to wear).  I must say, she made a pretty cute peacock though--her choice.

We're at the age where great pictures are hard to come by, so this is about the best we got.

We found this costume on Pinterest, and after she saw it, she was having nothing else (and I did offer options).

Which brings me to my new goal: my pinned projects.  I am the queen of unfinished projects--anyone else in my royal court? Because I know I'm not alone--and procrastination.  So now that we've entered the busiest/most wonderful time of the year, my goal is to finish one (or hopefully two) of my pinned projects every week in an effort to have a less stress holiday season (let's be honest, asking for stress free would just be way too much).  Some are Pinterest projects or "Pinspired" projects (not an exact copy, but inspired by Pinterest), and some are completely my own that have been "pinned" on the to do list for long enough.  Like everyone else, my holiday season to-do list about a mile long, whether it be getting my house ready for Christmas parties, making the gifts (I like to make as many as possible--and usually get in WAY over my head), or just the daily to-do's like cleaning, cooking, keeping children entertained etc.  (And by the way, Pinterest in my new FAVORITE recipe source!  We've had some AMAZING meals thanks to Pinterest, which I'll share in the coming weeks.)

So first on the list, is a pinspired project for the continuation of the living room/kitchen overhaul and getting this wall put back together:

{Which will become a combination of this:}

{and this:}

I love this because it allows me to keep the antiqued mirrors that I love, but also incorporate my pictures back in (which I was really missing when the wall was all mirrors) and some plates and other family mementos that mean a lot to me.

So here's to goal-setting (and completing)!
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