Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Kitchen Cabinet Turned Console Table

If you follow me, you know that my lovely sister gave me some cabinets a while back that she scored for free.  And you may also remember I said that more of these cabinets just happened to walk into my house and Mr. Fabuless was none the wiser.  Well apparently he was just in an extra nice mood, because when I got them from my sister, I quickly sneaked them downstairs into my office while he was out.  When he came home, he walked into my office to talk to me and sort of glanced around like, I don't remember there being this many.  So I just didn't say anything and assumed that's what he was thinking.  A couple of days later, I decided to come clean and said, "Did you realize that I got more cabinets from my sister?"  To which he replied, "Jenn please.  Of course I noticed.  I'm not dumb.  I just looked around and thought, well, I hope those aren't staying."  And that my friends, I thought was the sweetest thing.  I think I'm becoming such a hoarder that he's becoming selective about which things to give me grief over.  And maybe he's even decided to wait for the final result before he judges because he's usually at least slightly impressed with how things turn out.  True love at it's finest.

Anyway, when my sister brought these cabinets over, I immediately thought console table.  Extra storage is a hot commodity around here so I'll take it anywhere I can get it.  I thought putting a few of the cabinets together would be a perfect way to store toys and extra dishes.  I've also wanted something in this pseudo "hallway" but have had a hard time finding anything narrow enough, and these were a good fit.

A reminder of the before:

And here's my new living room storage console in all her glory:

I followed essentially the same process as the original cabinet redo, but instead of pallet wood, I used 1x6's. Maybe I'm dumb, but wanna know something I didn't?  1x6's are actually 1x5&1/2's.  So when I measured the width of my cabinet and came home from the store with two "1x6's", I was a little more than slightly annoyed when I came up short.  I walked inside and said to Mr. F, "are 1x6's not actually 6 inches?"  To which he replied, "nope they're 5&1/2 inches" like this is common knowledge--that's what I get for keeping my projects secret.  Luckily, I had an old 1x2 laying around that fit in perfectly and left a slight overhang.  I was going for the planked look anyway, so yay for happy accidents.

As with the other cabinet, I used liquid nails, weighted the top and then nailed it down.

Since I was using new wood, I banged it up a little with a hammer and then stained it with Minwax Early American (thank you Handmade Home for the introduction to my new favorite stain color).

And remember in my living room inspiration post I said that I had fallen in love with a new color thanks to this cabinet?  Hardware by Sherwin Williams is an AWESOME pewter grey with tones of tan and the slightest touch of Olive.  It's got a richness and depth that I LOVE.

The hardware is from Hobby Lobby and was only $2.50 each on sale--pretty awesome for hardware that size and it's HEAVY!

I have three more cabinets in my basement, so I'm sure more of these will be making their appearance.

My original instructions for building one of these yourself can be found here

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  1. I love it so much I pinned it. ♥
    Love your style

    Found you through the Artsy Girl Connection Linky Party

  2. Wow! I love this Jenn! And your hubby is very nice to ignore your hoarding. Haha! I need a free cabinet ASAP!

  3. Haha, isn't he sweet? ;) If I lived closer I'd send a free cabinet your way--maybe :D

  4. What a great idea! I love how this looks!

  5. An amazing idea! I often see old kitchen cupboards going for free, and never thought of doing this... great creativity!

  6. I love, love this! Pinning it an hopefully making one soon =) Gorgeous idea. I'm your newest follower!

  7. YES YES YES! I just saw some old cabinets at ReStore for a steal...hmmm, I may need to run over there today an see it they still have them! Thanks for linking up:)

  8. Clever!!! I love it! Found you over at Gail's MRL.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love it! Who knew that old, discarded kitchen cabinets could look so cute! I must make one!


  10. I love old kitchen cabinet makeovers! Your new console table looks fabuless! :)


  11. Your cabinets transformed so nicely into a console table. The colour is beautiful and the styling on top is pretty too.

  12. these look awesome! love the color and i love how narrow they are!

  13. Good job!! I love it when those accidents turn into Happy
    Accidents. It looks great with different size planks.

  14. Great job...and extra storage. Nice

  15. what a great idea! love the look a lot. great job on the color too!

  16. Love that! The paint color was a great choice. Looks great with the walls.

  17. p.S.
    Would you mind if I shared this on my Before& After Friday post?


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