Thursday, May 31, 2012

Through the Lens of a 2 Year Old

I had one of those sweet, simple mommy moments yesterday when I started looking through pictures on my camera and came across a bunch of pictures that Adelie has taken in the last few weeks.  I catch her running off with my camera quite a bit lately and as nervous as it makes me,  I love seeing the world through the eyes of a two year old!  Especially seeing what's important to her--I have countless pictures of Barbies on my camera and I can't bring myself to delete them.

I know it's scary, but give in a little, hand them the camera (with some supervision) and see what you get.  I may actually frame some of these I love them so much.  This is life's sweet simplicity at it's finest.

A not-so flattering picture of mom

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Skinny Strawberries & Cream Popsicles

Looks like food is on my brain lately.  And since the warm weather is here, I thought I'd share our favorite cold treat.  The best part is that it's EASY and low cal.  Three ingredients and a food processor. And since these are made with fruit and yogurt and very little sugar, I may or may not let my daughter eat them for breakfast on occasion.  

(Did you notice I got so concerned about taking pictures that I forgot to put the blade on my food processor before I put the strawberries in? Oops.)

The recipe will make about 6 popsicles.  And I got my molds at IKEA for like $1 or $2 each (and each makes 6 pops).


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Favorite Pinterest Recipes: Round 2

I should be back early in the week with some sort of project--haven't decided which one yet, but it's been quite a busy weekend, so I'll have something to share.  In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few more of our favorite Pinterest recipes that we've actually tried and loved.

A Carbonara recipe from Eric Ripert--how could someone that good looking not make good food, right?  Does anyone else swoon over him every time he's on Top Chef (or anywhere else for that matter)?

Don't know who he is?  You can check him out here (believe me, you want to).  He also has a French accent...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Country Living Confirms...

...that preserving your sand from your summer vacation is a great souvenir (I have to spell check that word every time).  I was so excited when I saw this in my new Country Living:

because the idea was oddly reminiscent of this one I recently posted over at I {Heart} Naptime!  If you could read the bottom of their picture, you'd also see that they paid upwards of $36 for one of those bottles!!  At Restoration Hardware, where else?  They need to learn the value of a thrift store bottle!

I'm definitely not saying CL copied me, just that they made me feel good.  Thanks Country Living for the validation and showing me that I also need a bottle of just shells (way cute).  If you missed mine, head over and check it out at I {Heart} Naptime.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preserving Summer Memories

I'm so excited and honored to be guest posting at I {Heart} Naptime today with my favorite way to preserve summer vacation memories.  Head on over and check it out!

Old Kitchen Cabinet Turned Console Table

If you follow me, you know that my lovely sister gave me some cabinets a while back that she scored for free.  And you may also remember I said that more of these cabinets just happened to walk into my house and Mr. Fabuless was none the wiser.  Well apparently he was just in an extra nice mood, because when I got them from my sister, I quickly sneaked them downstairs into my office while he was out.  When he came home, he walked into my office to talk to me and sort of glanced around like, I don't remember there being this many.  So I just didn't say anything and assumed that's what he was thinking.  A couple of days later, I decided to come clean and said, "Did you realize that I got more cabinets from my sister?"  To which he replied, "Jenn please.  Of course I noticed.  I'm not dumb.  I just looked around and thought, well, I hope those aren't staying."  And that my friends, I thought was the sweetest thing.  I think I'm becoming such a hoarder that he's becoming selective about which things to give me grief over.  And maybe he's even decided to wait for the final result before he judges because he's usually at least slightly impressed with how things turn out.  True love at it's finest.

Anyway, when my sister brought these cabinets over, I immediately thought console table.  Extra storage is a hot commodity around here so I'll take it anywhere I can get it.  I thought putting a few of the cabinets together would be a perfect way to store toys and extra dishes.  I've also wanted something in this pseudo "hallway" but have had a hard time finding anything narrow enough, and these were a good fit.

A reminder of the before:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To my own angel, most amazing mother a girl could ask for, who I know is looking down on me and still guiding me through this adventure of motherhood, to the amazing women in my life who have been a "stand-in" mother to me in so many ways, and to all of you mother's who have the hardest, yet most amazing blessing of a job in the world: Happy Mother's Day!

{Please pin image from original source}

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Cabinet Revamp Is Coming

Remember this cabinet project

Well, I may have acquired a few more, which will be news to Mr. Fabuless.  They just happened to walk into our house while he was away, so odd how that happens.

And I've got lofty plans for these ladies.  They've been sanded and are waiting to be transformed.  So check back this weekend to see the magic that happens with some old, ugly cabinets this time.  It may just be better than the first time around, but I'll let you be the judge.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts: Children's Art

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know that my mom passed away seven years ago.  I know that not only would she have loved being a grandma, but she would have been an amazing one and she was an amazing mother.  Naturally, the cemetery is a stop for us on Mother's Day, but rather than just do flowers, I still try to do something a little special and heartfelt in honor of her and something that shows her that my daughter is thinking of "Grandma Angel".  When I was painting these a couple of weeks ago, I got brave and let my daughter play with the paints and it resulted in some artwork that I fell in love with and immediately placed on the wall in our living room.  And then the wheels started turning...why not share some of that with my mom in the form of a pot for her flowers?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother's Day: For the Mom Who Loves to Cook Pt. 2

So, usually when you read a "Part 1" post, it's safe to assume that a Part 2 will soon follow, right?  Well, that was the original plan, but I swear it's a law of nature that the weather warms up and life goes CRAZY!  I've had lofty goals of getting things posted lately, but have put them on the back-burner for some much needed family R&R after a CRAZY April.  But, I'm back in the game with Part 2 of the cooking mother's day gift.  And since it's been over a week since Part 1 was posted, you'd think I was working on something slightly difficult and involved, right?  Nope, Part 2 is super simple:

A recipe stand (courtesy of some Shanty2Chic inspiration).  I get tired of constantly looking down at my recipe as I'm trying to cook something, and trying to remember where I set it down, so I thought if mom had something she could look right at while she's cooking with her new spoons, it would make it a little more convenient.

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