Monday, November 26, 2012

Chalkboard Christmas Printable: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason I just can't seem to find the motivation to get all of my Christmas stuff up. I have lots of projects in process that I'm so excited to share with you, but I can't seem to bring myself to finish them and get them up and photographed. So, while I'm still trying to find my full Christmas spirit, I'll share another printable with you that's been sitting on my computer for a couple of weeks. Since my chalk board obsession is no secret, the look should be no surprise. Enjoy.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

First {Free} Printable of Christmas

I know things have been a little quiet around here this week, I think I checked out for the holiday like last weekend.  I've been busily putting up Christmas around my house and have been slow to be able to take pictures and get things posted, so while you're enjoying your turkey and most likely putting up your Christmas tree this weekend, I thought I'd share my first printable of Christmas with you {Yes, I said first.  I've been on a little "kick" and have a few more coming.}   
Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and I'll see you next week for some major decking of the halls! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Chalkboards

I'm busy getting all things Fabuless Christmas ready {coming next week} and it happens to be my 30th birthday on Friday {which I have mixed emotions about}and the husband has planned a little celebration trip which I'm getting ready for, anyway, I thought I'd stop by with one last quick Thanksgiving post before all of the Christmas-ing begins.

It's no secret that I LOVE chalkboards, so I today I'm sharing my Thanksgiving chalkboards from around my house.  There's no real tutorial to go along with this because my method is really technical.  Are you ready for it?  I pull up a picture of the font or inspiration chalkboard on the computer and just sort of eyeball it and freehand it.  I just keep adding shading on the letters and "decorations" until I get the look I like.  I can say, there's a lot of erasing involved.  I will leave you with one tip though: IKEA chalk ROCKS and is by far my favorite {super soft}!  It's in the kids section with the art supplies.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Metallic Dipped Serving Utensils

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Going to someone else's house?  Either way, someone is probably going to be scraping their drawers for extra serving and prep utensils for the big meal.  I'll be heading over to my sister's house this year, so since I'm getting out of all of the work, I thought I'd make her some of my paint dipped utensils, but this time in mixed metal finishes--perfect colors for fall and Thanksgiving. (Have you noticed I have a thing for mixed metal lately?)  If you're the one hosting, make some for yourself in colors to match your table.  It literally takes about 15 minutes + paint dry time.

As always, they were really cheap and really easy.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Am A Mother, Therefore I Lie

It's come to my attention that motherhood has turned me into a big fat liar.  I guess liar may be strong, but I make up some great stories and names for things all for the sake of getting my daughter to do what I want/need without a fight. 

Like, can I tell you how many things have become "princess" something or other's?  At the gelato shop, when she can't make a decision:
Me: How about strawberry?  You like strawberry.
A: No!  I don't want strawberry.
Me: Oh, did I say strawberry?  I meant "Pink Princess Berry,"  it's called "Pink Princess Berry"
And without so much the bat of an eye:
A: Ya, I want Pink Princess Berry!
Done and done!  {I feel the need to clarify here that things like this usually aren't rewarded at my house.  We've done the "walk out of the store without anything for being bratty or not making a decision" on more than one occasion.  Her disappointment about that, as indicated by her devastated cries, have left both of us scarred for life I'm sure--I feel like a jerk and she thinks I'm mean.}

Or fighting to get ready for ballet, where her hair has to be in a pony tail.  This little twist in her hair is now called a "princess twist" so she'll actually let me do it without pinning her down.  In case you haven't noticed my child's disheveled state in many of my pictures, the child hates having her hair done--which really makes me almost want to cry because I love those girly bows damn it! Not to mention, I'm trying to teach her that we should be somewhat presentable when we step out in public--you know, which I demonstrate so well by going to the store in my yoga pants and no shower.

Anyway, in order to get her to let me do her hair in a way that will stay for longer than five minutes, I've resorted to lying creative naming.  It seems to be that princess anything usually gets the job done.  And somehow a pony tail is okay when accompanied by a princess twist.  I did try "princess pony" on it's own, but for some reason she didn't buy that one.

And here's a mother of the year moment for you:  She was always wanting to taste my coffee, so I thought, I'll let her try it, she'll hate it, and we'll never have to have this argument again.  BACKFIRE!  She loved it, so now I have to watch her like a hawk around my coffee or I catch her trying to steal sips.  So going through Starbucks the other day, I told her she could have a hot chocolate to which she threw a fit about not wanting hot chocolate {she really is a sweet child--I assure you our life is not all tantrums}, so out came the "creative naming" and she was getting a "hot chocolate latte."  And here you see, when hot chocolate becomes a "hot chocolate latte" she becomes a happy child.  

The best part is when she tells someone what these things are "called" and they look at me like whaaa?  To which I return a death look indicating that should they betray my secret, there will be hell to pay.

I'm sure psychologists and parenting experts would tell me this is somehow detrimental, and for the record, I'm one of those that's adamantly opposed to participation trophies, everyone winning {like she doesn't even watch Sesame Street because it pisses me off that there's never a winner}, not letting children experience disappointment, teaching the realities of life, and all that jazz.  So will my child be scarred by my lying?  Maybe.  But I'm pretty sure anyone who has parented a three year old knows that "terrible twos" are merely a preparation for what the "independent and opinionated threes" bring.  So I'll worry about the residual effects later and just be happy for now with the peace that comes from a little motherly creativity.

Do you "creatively name" things for your child, or am I just a terrible parent?  {Let's be honest, I probably really only want to hear your answer to the first part of that question.}

Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To Make A Yarn {or Twine} Ball

I LOVE yarn balls.  The texture, the colors, the vintage charm it seems to add.  On garlands, in vases, in jars, everywhere.  I. LOVE. YARN. BALLS.  But, a lot of the ones I've seen are made around styrofoam balls, which can be really expensive! So, I figured out how to do it sans styrofoam. I also recently had the epiphany that I could make twine balls for vase fillers, which I've never quite been able to bring myself to spend like $9.00 a piece on, in exactly the same way as the yarn variety, for literally pennies. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Thanksgiving Centerpiece in the Fabuless Fashion

Did anyone else see these baskets on the dollar aisle at Target in the past few weeks? Let's just say that at $2.50 each, I didn't pass them over--times five--so now I have them all over my house.  And that little basket is the most expensive thing in this super simple Thanksgiving centerpiece.  

I used "found" things like pine cones from our recent trip to Oregon, and giant acorns I found last fall on a walk in down town Salt Lake City.  I honestly didn't even realize acorns grew this big, and the pine cones from Oregon are like the cutest, most perfect little pine cones I've ever seen.  

I purchased some Indian corn at the grocery store for about $3.00 and put it in a Mason jar that I also already had. 

If you have a long Thanksgiving table, you can easily make a few more of these and space them out down the middle of the table.  Scatter some popcorn kernels {which I mentioned is one of my new favorite fall things}, extra pine cones and/or acorns around for a beautiful, natural, {and most of all affordable}Thanksgiving centerpiece . 

To finish it off, I added some twine balls, and if you like these, or the yarn balls that so often make an appearance around here, come back on Thursday, because I'm going to show you how I make them--and I don't use styrofoam--so they're really inexpensive.

And please don't forget, today is an important day if you live here in the U.S.  Get out and vote PLEASE!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How To Make a Simple Thanksgiving Bunting

I've always loved Thanksgiving, but I think the older I get, the more I really love it.  Probably because it's a whole month dedicated to being with family and reflecting on what we're thankful for--like Christmas, without the distraction of gifts.  Let me clarify, I still LIVE for Christmas, but I've been really excited this year to move on from Halloween and get my Thanksgiving decorations up and focus on family and blessings.

However, we'll be heading out of town for the Christmas holiday this year, which means my Thanksgiving won't be up for long.  I like to decorate for Christmas early on the years we are out of town so I get the maximum enjoyment out of my decked halls, so I decided to go simple for Thanksgiving.  Who am I kidding? Simple holiday decorating seems to be the name of the game for me these days--probably because I'm saving it all up for Christmas when I tend to go a little nuts.

So...the Mixed Metals & White went back up {why mess with a good thing?}

With the addition of one of my new favorite decorating accessories: popcorn kernels {they'll be making another appearance later this week}.

And this super simple bunting:

It literally took me 10 minutes to make.

All you need is:
Old book pages {library book sales are a great source for old books for about $0.25 each}
Gold {or color of choice} chipboard letters

If you don't have old book pages, you can age them with coffee or tea like I did for this project.  So, here's the easy peasy process:

1. Cut your pages.  I cut the margins off, and since my letters weren't very big, I cut about 1/4 of the length off of the page.
2. Stick your letters on.
3. Poke holes in the corners of each page and thread your twine through.
4. Hang it!

10 minute bunting: DONE AND DONE.

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